Big Wheel Keep on Turnin

Tiptoeing through the tulips?

It’s been a while since the last blog post, almost a couple of seasons actually!

Feel hot going up mountains, very cold going down.

I remember a tunnel of cherry blossoms just near the school this spring.

Happy to announce the school’s had a few updates in this time, hopefully making the experience that much more pleasant for students and visitors.


Also, the new Third Edition of the Smart Choice textbooks have arrived.  We’ll be slowly transitioning existing students to the new books, and of course new students will start with the third Edition.

So so Smart.

As we brace ourselves for first rainy season and then summer, I hope you can join me here at 英会話 eclipse 稲毛海岸 in keeping a big smile on our faces as we live each day to the very fullest.

I would usually be in the picture too.

Til next time!

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