Fly Me to the Moon, Let Me Play Among the Stars


イクリプスのPerry(ペリー フクダ)です。

Another powerful typhoon a few days ago,  this one fizzling out before it reached us.


Is that an, ahem, *wardrobe malfunction??

It’s becoming the repetitive theme this year.  Rain,wind, storms.

Carrying on in the theme of the year (repetition), here are more animals for you.


“How did it come to this?” – Kings, that Once Were.

Nonchalantly crammed on to this makeshift brown pedestal.

Well, not exactly conceived to inspire whimsical images of rolling dunes of the Sahara is it, this display.

Considering the price tags, these things would be firmly secured behind glass barriers, at least in Vancouver.

(Save your clams or crack out the Platinum Card if you want to take one home.)

Some still get the Royal Treatment.

Some still get The Royal Treatment.

Speaking of The Royal Treatment and animals, one particularly special animal was just here in town for a few days, Dad!

Which meant we got the chance to visit Haneda International Airport for the first time, basically.


Autumn, along with the 2020 (!) Olympics was on display.

Not sure if it was temporary or permanent, but there was a huge traditional wooden bridge and Samurai sword fights forming an enclave of sorts in the otherwise modern facility.

No kidding, it was massive.

No kidding, it was massive.

Of course I wanted in on the action!

Of course I wanted in on the action.

Seemed only fitting to have something traditional for lunch.


If not for my massive head, you might get a better idea of the actual size of that bowl.

Meet the Dad.

Did the school pass inspection I wonder?


Smiling, that’s a good sign.

A few days goes by very quickly these days, so it seemed very soon that he had to leave for his next destination, Thailand.


Says he’ll be back in a year or two.

Well, looking forward to next time.

And with that, we’ll see you next time!