Spring Clean into Summer

Just a few updates:

I’ve been doing some teacher training on Thursday mornings with the fine staff at EGG Juku in Kemigawa.

They are a serious but friendly group that is focused on sharpening their English skills.

Our sessions are very productive (of course for me as well) and I think the students at EGG Juku are lucky to have such dedicated teachers.

Here is a link to their blog.


Also, I’m happy to report the reaction to recent changes of the layout at eclipse has been overwhelmingly positive.

I’ll continue to build and adapt to ensure that eclipse students are receiving the best possible experience.


Finally, thanks to Yusuke and Rumiko for making this possible – it was great to see Ryota Murata’s fight last weekend at the Ariake Colosseum.

It was a first to see live boxing and also the first time to visit that venue for both of us.

It was a not so happy split decision but the Olympic medalist displayed great class both in the bout and with his reaction to the result.  I hope he meets success as he moves forward with his boxing career.

Well, just around the corner lurks Rainy Season and the wonderful wet weather and humidity that it brings.  I hope you’re on schedule with countermeasures in your homes to keep things safe and dry.

Talk to you next time!